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Kylie & James

Before photographing Kylie and James’s wedding I  have to admit I did not know about this delightful little spot where they were to be married.  Kahikatea Gardens, a few minutes from Greytown, is a private garden and function area that is beautifully manicured.  Just perfect for smaller boutique style weddings.  It would have to be one of the most pleasant weddings I’ve covered this year.  I was easily able to get fantastic, candid photos of everyone relaxed and enjoying themselves.  Before the wedding I was able to find numerous areas within close proximity, which could be used to photograph the bridal party and family photos.  After discussing and showing these spots to Kylie and James we knew that this day was going to be special.

Nicole & Scott

After living and working in Hawke’s Bay for 10 years,  I would have to say that Wellington’s weather has far more character. But on the day of Nicole and Scott’s wedding the weather was just sublime. Having blue skies and the lightest of breezes, and being amongst the rolling hills at Ohariu Farm, I could have been mistaken for thinking I was back photographing a wedding in Hawke’s Bay.  The large wedding had it all including a limousine, beautiful ceremony  and fantastic party atmosphere.  But the most important people of the day, Nicole and Scott, well………….. how much love can two people have?  

Teresa & Daniel

 I’m always excited to be popping over the hill to photograph a couples wedding in the Wairarapa. I feel like it’s an adventure having to travel further and to prepare all my equipment ready to cope with any situation that may arise.  I’d have to admit I’ve really struck lucky with the weather for my weddings so far this year and this was no exception. The threat of rain was always beckoning but nothing eventuated. Even if it had rained I really don’t think it would have dampened down the spirits of Daniel and Teresa’s lovely personalities.  Brackenridge and the surrounding region have a wealth of places to take photos. After talking to some farmers well before the wedding to get permission to take photos on their land I was really excited to put my creativity to fruition.

Some of the best photos are totally unplanned for.  I was able to stop a total stranger on the road and ask him if we could use his motorbike for the bride and groom photo. “Not a problem”, he said. What an unexpected bonus!