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Monique and Caleb

I really had my fingers crossed for Monique and Caleb to have fine weather on their special day.  Having a wedding in Autumn, when its starts getting dark by 5pm, is always a little disconcerting because I prefer to take photos with daylight and not in the dark.  But there is also one upside to having a wedding at this time in the year.  The timing can be perfect for some sunset photos after the ceremony and that is exactly what happened.  Monique and Caleb said they would really like to have some gorgeous photos of the two of them.  They looked fantastic together and Monique was a perfect model, even though at one stage she had to put up with hundreds of small flies while on the rocks by the sea.  The reception was filled with lots of laughs and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and the food at The Pines.  I’m sure they will look over the photos in years to come and reminisce over what a great day it was.