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Kimberly & Douglas

Having a golden sunset overlooking the Cook Strait and the Kaikoura Ranges was a magical moment for Kimberly & Douglas. Despite it being the worst summer on record in Wellington, the sun shone on their special day. It was such a relaxed wedding, with friends and family being so easy going. It made my job so much easier.  

Kimberly was herself arriving at the church in a red dress and wearing sunglasses. She seemed so relaxed. 

Dilemma at crucial moments can make for memorable moments and also for memorable photos.

Kimberly and Douglas chose the Wellington Botanic Gardens and the old Hunter building at Victoria University for their photos. I wasn't going to disagree with them at all, such a great choice of venues.

Photographing a bride in a red dress is rare but always a privilege. Red always stands out so well against a green backdrop, which is never too hard to find.

The pines is a great venue with an incredible vista seen through the large panoramic shaped windows. With the sun going down Kimberly and Douglas showed off some of their moves on the dance floor and soon after everyone else seemed keen to give it a go.