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Toni & Chris

Every bride and groom wants a sunny day on their special day.  It rained and even hailed for several days leading up to Toni and Chris’s wedding.  It also rained on the days after their wedding. But amazingly the wedding day was a gorgeous blue-sky day with little wind. Friends and family packed the idyllic Wallaceville Church in Whiteman’s Valley.  My job was so much easier having the bubbly personalities of Toni and Chris to photograph.  I was glad I could share and record their special day.

 Hair and make up was done by Edyta who was professional and efficient, finishing all the girls on time and looking gorgeous.

 This photo doesn’t need a caption, the photo tells the story.

 I could sense a nervous excitement as Toni left for the church. There was certainly a buzz in the air; it was rubbing off onto me as well.

  The Wallaceville Church made for a great setting for photographs and was such a peaceful spot especially when I was left to photograph just the Bride and Groom.

 I really enjoy photographing bridal parties that don’t mind letting loose a bit and having fun, everyone just feels so much more relaxed afterwards.

 Wallaceville House in Upper Hutt has a grandeur that makes weddings feel like a really special occasion.

 While photographing at the reception I had one ear listening, ready to capture moments of laughter and enjoyment. I ended up taking too many photos but it was worth it.