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Catriona & Minh

Having to photograph a wedding at my hometown of Petone always a gives me a feeling of nostalgia.  Catriona and Minh had their wedding ceremony across the road from where they are living, which was very convenient and special to them.  The weather was stunning for a late November wedding, and having a gorgeous sunset at The Pines over looking the Cook Strait is always a bonus.   The love that Catriona and Minh have for each other was evident throughout the day and the family and friends of both couples enjoyed celebrating that love.

Red dresses always make an impact. They also seem to fall faster as well.

Catriona’s parents living and dining rooms were temporarily converted into a hair salon, beauty salon and changing room all at once.  It was organised chaos with a lot fun thrown in.  I don’t know what the grey trousers were all about, though they were certainly in contrast to those red dresses.

Catriona looked stunning in her dress, but capturing her smile was priceless.

The groom and groomsmen were looking spick and span.
  It’s a pity we don’t dress like this more often.

The ceremony was so relaxed and capturing Catriona’s smile was a treat.

The day ends in a blaze in colour with the bride and groom dressing in traditional Vietnamese wedding clothes, as well as a beautiful sunset over the Cook Strait.

Amy & Glen

I met the family and friends of Amy and Glen’s on the Friday before the wedding.  From the relaxed fun and humorous approach at the rehearsal, I soon knew it was going to be a great wedding to photograph. 

I arrived at Amy’s place while she was having her makeup done by Kat Wilton.  Amy’s great complexion and Kat’s expertise was a recipe to turn heads.

This was a first for me.   I thought Amy was joking when she said, “Why don’t we get some photographs of me chopping firewood?”  I would have to admit I was a little apprehensive at first.  It ended up being a great laugh for everyone.

After playing golf in the morning the boys where just walking in their stride. No worries.

Glen’s first glimpse of Amy gave him watery eyes. What a special moment.

The photographs don’t show how windy the day was.  Wellington sure lived up to its reputation.  Glen tried his best to take off!

Do I have to mention that the speeches were a bit of a laugh and a bit embarrassing for Glen as well?